• Reviewing current systems and processes
  • Defining your objectives
Framing the Work

Framing the Work

  • Strategic alignment
  • School goals framework
  • Board goals and accountability
Creating Systems

Creating Systems

  • Performance review process
  • Succession planning
  • Elections & nomination Process
  • Board liaison & organization
Milestone Checks

Milestone Checks

  • Accountability review
  • Issue solving
  • Dashboard creation
  • Toolbox tools*


  • Board management software
  • Board candidate bank
  • Monthly board chats
  • Board training webinar series
  • Resource library

Comprehensive Training + Frameworks

With the aid of comprehensive training and frameworks, we will guide you through streamlining governance in the following areas:

  • Bylaw and Structure Review
  • Board Alignment and Accountability
  • Framework for School Oversight
  • School Leadership Performance Review and Development
  • Board Chair and Leadership Succession Planning
  • Board Recruitment, Development, and Engagement
  • School and Board Dashboards to Track Progress

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