Innovative Board Training Programs:
On-Site, Peer Learning or Webinars

At CharterSource we believe impactful school leadership is shared leadership.  We provide board and leadership training leveraging resources to bring that to fruition. Select our custom, on-site training designed just for your board, or join a group training.  Or consider our convenient, online training to meet state-mandated training requirements.

Board Peer Learning Community 

Join this informative and engaging series with fellow board peers.  Learn more about how to frame the work of the board and define the governance role in alignment with leadership responsibilities.  From crisis communication to best practices of high-performing boards, we will engage in case studies and research to build governance knowledge. To learn more, please reach out to us or click here for more information. 

Board Orientation 

Complimentary to current clients offered In preparation for our upcoming school year.  We encourage new and current board members to join us. This session will provide an overview of the Minnesota charter school sector. Enjoy this interactive session and gain an understanding of the roles and responsibilities you will assume as a board member of a public entity.  Click here for more information.

Succession Planning Cohort

Many schools and authorizers recognize the importance of succession planning for board chairs, officers, and school leaders. We will organize our work around proactively preparing a highly functional and seamless plan. Whether a planned or unplanned departure, rest assured there will be a definitive way forward. We have included monthly coaching to assist with the implementation of a plan ready for board approval. In addition to two training sessions, you have the opportunity to layer on monthly work sessions to complete the plan. For more information, please contact us here.

Board Webinar Series

Our online educational sessions are hosted by industry leaders and special guests. We cover a wide variety of topics to ensure your board has the resources they need to govern effectively. Board members appreciate the option to access this platform for many reasons:

  • View and listen to online webinars from the comfort of your own computer
  • No travel expense required or time away from work.
  • Year-round access allows for revisiting content if needed.
  • One-hour of governance coaching via email or phone included in the purchase of the webinar series.
  • BOSA approved for leadership CEU credits. 

State Mandated Charter School Training Available in Spanish Employment Law, Charter School Budget Basics, and New Board Member Basics.


The Board Webinar Series provides the 2024 legislative changes for state-mandated board training. NOTE: New board members are required to start training before their term begins on Open Meeting Law, board roles and responsibilities, and data practices law. Within 12 months of being seated, new board members must complete employment policies and practices, financial management and board roles and responsibilities regarding academic achievement and performance.
Board Basics Series

The Board Webinar Series provides the 2024 legislative changes for state-mandated board training. NOTE: New board members are required to start training before their term begins on Open Meeting Law, board roles and responsibilities, and data practices law.

New Board Member Basics From committee structure, composing minutes, setting board goals, and milestone check-in to School Leader Dashboards, we will guide you through the framework for effective board governance. Included in the materials are frameworks and samples for implementation.

Practices of High Performing Boards This is designed for charter schools that are invested in moving their leadership to the next level of performance. Learn about the tools and practices of exceptional boards and how to apply them to your charter school board. Understand how a shared appreciation of accountability and engagement can foster strong outcomes for your charter school.

Open Meeting Law Deep Dive Learn from our guest expert, Jim Martin of Martin Law Firm. Understand the fundamentals of Open Meeting Law as it pertains to board work and conduct. From email and voicemail communications to abiding by notice requirements, ensure your organization is in compliance.

Top Pitfalls of Open Meeting Law Understand best practices to conduct your board meetings and procedures with care. Designed to help charter schools move their organizations forward efficiently without exposing the school to risk.


Within 12 months of being seated, new board members must complete employment policies and practices, financial management and board roles and responsibilities regarding academic achievement and performance.

Charter School Budget Basics Learn the fundamentals of charter school funding. Learn from Scott Brown, CFO/Founding Director from EdFin, regarding some of the key areas of charter school financial oversight. Understand the role of the board in financial oversight and the cycle of a charter school budget. Review key assumptions of what drives revenue and expenses in a charter environment.

Understanding Charter School Financial Statements Charter school finance is complicated coupled with being one of the most important fiduciary duties of the board. Learn from our content expert, Scott Brown, CFO/Founding Director from EdFin Group. Understand the importance of what to spotlight on the income statement balance sheet, payment registry, cash flow statement, and deposit report.

Employment Law Understand the foundation of employment law and the board’s roles and responsibilities. Learn about employment data practices and what information is required to be public. Also, review the fundamentals of discrimination and retaliation/whistle-blower claims. Our expert presenter, Jim Martin, will also share the tenants of at-will employment.






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Board Infrastructure Series

Understanding Student Data  MCA Learn more about the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment to understand your school’s academic performance. Collaborate with school leadership to design tools to best oversee school outcomes. Student Data Expert, Dan Wick, from EdOps and Karen Klinzing, former Assistant Deputy Commissioner of MN Department of Education team up to deliver what should be most important to board members.

Understanding Student Data  NWEA MAP Understanding student progress and growth is one reason why school leaders use NWEA MAP. This nationally normed test offers an abundance of information. Partner with your school leadership team to optimally utilize this resource to improve board knowledge and oversight. Experts Dan Wick and Karen Klinzing impart foundational information to guide and improve board proficiency.

Director Succession Planning  Why It Matters Shield your school from risk by making an annual succession plan review a priority. Careful planning of job responsibilities and crisis management procedures will be reassuring should the unexpected happen. Both board and school leadership transition plans will be reviewed.

Leadership Performance Review Developing a unified team between the Board and school leadership is vitally important to the health of the school. Clear communication and strong development/support systems for school leadership is paramount. Walk through the review process from setting school goals, and utilizing board dashboards to incorporating milestone checks. This session will discuss the potential 360 and development plan to provide a comprehensive process.

Crisis Management and Communications Our guest expert, Michelle Lawless of Media Minefield, will guide us through the tenets of developing a communications plan. Jim Martin, Martin Law Firm LLC, will also provide important context to ensure legal compliance. Karen Klinzing also provides insight from a school leader's perspective on managing messaging and data privacy.

What School Boards Should Understand About Special Education We will walk us through the core issues of providing special education services. Understand the importance of training and developing teachers, optimizing Multi-tiered Systems of Support, and effectively managing the financial aspects of a Special Education program. Boards need to understand that Special Education can be a school board’s most vulnerable risk area in terms of legal, financial, compliance, and governance risk factors.

Authorizer Panel: Proactive Steps to Avoid Common Pitfalls Learn about common missteps of charter school oversight. Our panelists of authorizers will share their observations of lessons learned and suggested best practices. From policy review suggestions to onboarding practices for new board members, this session will provide useful insights to adopt as an organization.

Teacher Licensure Update (3.23.21) Learn more about Minnesota Teacher Licensing with our guest, Josh Crosson, Executive Director of EdAllies. Josh will share how current potential legislation will impact our teachers of color and all those who aspire to serve. To build high-quality options for Minnesota kids, learn how you can support this evolving issue.

You’re New Board Chair-Elect, Now What? The board chair plays an invaluable role in ensuring board stability, engagement, organization, culture, and fulfillment of the school’s mission. We provide an overview of key responsibilities: understanding board operations; employing best meeting management practices, building board culture, and managing crises. Learn more about how you can launch your first year with confidence.

Board Engagement – A Stanford Study Question often asked is how to increase board engagement which is a common issue for many boards. Learn from a Stanford Study of over 900 board members and leaders. Explore strategies to encourage and improve participation for more effective oversight.

Building and Recruiting a Strong Board  Join us for a discussion on key considerations and steps for building and recruiting a strong board. Leverage individual expertise by establishing clear roles, responsibilities, and expectations. Learn more about how a strong onboarding plan will help new board members with the tools and knowledge they need to actively engage. 

Parliamentary Procedures  Learn why Robert’s Rules of Order are widely accepted as an effective tool to ensure a clear and transparent decision-making process. Understand guidelines for changing a motion, abstaining from a vote, how to use a consent agenda and how to call a vote. Using this process will help ensure all board members are engaged in moving leadership and board action forward.

The Role of the Board in Academic Oversight  Join us and our guest expert, David Hartman of Venn Education. We will be discussing key considerations regarding academic oversight and making data-driven decisions. Optimize your board and leadership talent and time to determine a collaborative strategy to spotlight student learning.

Student Recruitment Learn more about the best steps forward for student recruitment and marketing.  How should you adapt your current marketing strategies as you adjust to the complexities of growing enrollment? Our Board Chat discussion features Lyman Millard, founding partner of Bloomwell Group. They have partnered with national organizations and high-performing charter schools to help them achieve amazing results. 

Succession Planning Lessons Learned  Many schools and authorizers recognize the importance of succession planning for board chairs, officers, and school leaders.  Hear about lessons learned and how proactively preparing a highly functional and seamless plan can make a positive impact on your school.  Whether a planned or unplanned departure, rest assured there will be a definitive way forward with proper preparation.

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School Operations, Finance and Facilities

Charter School Facilities (Part 1 and Part 2) Learn about the basics of charter school facilities planning from budgeting, and space allocation to the actual search. Both webinars will provide insight into finding the right location based on your school’s target audience. Learn about tools for calculating space needs and project timing. Also, understand the financial considerations of leasing vs. buying.

Our featured speaker is Tyler Baier, who has over a decade of experience and most recently served as Chief Business Officer at Bright Stars Schools Charter Network in Los Angeles, California.

Creating An Affiliated Building Company Learn from experts in this field regarding best practices for forming and implementing an Affiliated Building Company. Understand the statutory requirements and steps to establish a new non-profit including your long-term growth and expansion plans. Review case studies of schools that have successfully completed this process and the challenges they encountered.

Managing Grievances Effectively and Efficiently Jim Martin of Martin Law Firm PLLC and Emily Cooley of Creatively Focused, discuss the importance of boards understanding general school and special education compliance.  Managing complaints appropriately is the role of leadership and the board to ensure compliance with state law. Learn more about how you can help your board mitigate legal, reputational, and financial risks.

Minnesota Case Study: Eminent Domain Learn more about the journey of East Range Academy of Technology and Science in Eveleth, Minnesota. Founder and leader, Amy Hendrickson, will share the legal and stakeholder management challenges of their experience. Craig Kepler, a real estate attorney at Best & Flanagan, will deliver the legal perspective regarding eminent domain and how that impacts the Minnesota charter sector.

Enhanced Data Privacy Practices  As part of state-mandated training, leadership needs to understand data privacy from both state and federal guidelines. In addition to our Employment Law webinar, expand your knowledge of these important concepts.  Minnesota attorney, Jim Martin, and Education Policy and Leadership expert, Karen Klinzing, will do a deep dive into enhanced data privacy practices. As a risk mitigation strategy, the board should understand the nuances of these important statutes and the school’s organizational policies and procedures.

Charter Funding Obstacles Are you striving to make instructional improvements but are squeezed by fund balance requirements and building covenants?  Or are you considering expansion and being challenged by facility barriers? Learn more about the current Minnesota school environment and takeaway strategies to address challenges in key areas: enrollment, staffing, transportation, fund balance policies, and facilities. Our expert panel from Best & Flanagan, Piper Sandler, Clifton Allen Larson, and JB Vang will provide insights on current trends and strategies.

Overview of the Student Expulsion Process in Minnesota Jim Martin, an experienced Minnesota charter school attorney, will focus on some of the key elements you need to understand about the student expulsion process in Minnesota. Learn more about what role your board might be in this process. As always, consult your legal counsel to assist you with these matters.

What Boards Should Know About Conflict of Interest, Nepotism, and Classification Issues Related to Workers    Minnesota attorney, Jim Martin of Martin Law Firm PLLC,  will present best practices to mitigate risk in these primary areas. This presentation will help attendees understand charter schools' obligations regarding the avoidance of conflicts of interest. Equally important is to ensure organizational compliance with nepotism and worker-related issues such as employee vs independent contractor status. Minnesota attorney,  



Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Series

Immigration, Education, and Equity-Focused Governance Learn from our guest experts, Priya Morioka and Khadija Ali, from Global Language Connections. Gain an understanding of our Minnesota foreign-born community and their important role in our educational system, economy, and future.  We will discuss why it is important for the board to understand their school community in order to make sound decisions at a board level. Explore why boards should govern with an equity lens for effective oversight. Consider key questions to discuss with your board.

Cruz-Guzman Case Panel Learn why Minnesota charter school leaders should care about the Cruz-Guzman case.  Many believe it will impact parent choice and the ability to choose a culturally affirming school. Hear from our panel including the National Alliance of Public Charter Schools about how this could have national significance for other states. 

We have also researched and curated opportunities for your board to develop awareness and skills to advance oversight with an equity lens.

Guide to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Building bridges and unity around closing the opportunity gap requires deeper understanding and knowledge sharing. As we continue to support diverse boards, we believe a board with an equity focus will drive organizational decisions that will more effectively serve their families. In partnership with local and national partners, we have developed a DEI Guide to provide pathways for integrating equity-focused governance and

Download Our DEI Board Planning Guide for 2021 →

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Over 35 webinars for new and senior board members to complete your state-mandated training.

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