Level 1:

Webinar Training + Board Chats

Annual Fee: $750 Per Board or $500 Per Individual


Level 1 Includes the Following:

Board Basics Series
  • New Board Member Basics
  • Practices of High Performing Boards
  • Charter School Budget Basics
  • Top 10 Misconceptions of Open Meeting Law
  • Employment Law
Board Infrastructure Series
  • Understanding Student Data
  • Understanding Student Data
  • Succession Planning
  • Leadership Performance Review
  • Crisis Management and Communications
  • Authorizer Panel
  • Teacher Licensure Update (3.23.21)
  • You’re New Board Chair-Elect, Now What?
School Operations, Finance and Facilities
  • Charter School Facilities (Part 1 and Part 2)
  • Creating An Affiliated Building Company
  • Managing Grievances Effectively and Efficiently 
  • Minnesota Case Study: Eminent Domain 
  • Enhanced Data Privacy Practices
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Series

We have researched and curated opportunities for your board to develop awareness and skills to advance oversight with an equity lens.

Download Our DEI Board Planning Guide for 2021 →

Pandemic Series
  • Managing Elections During COVID-19
  • Scenario Planning During an Economic Recession
  • Student Recruitment in Global Pandemic
  • Understanding Open Meeting Law During COVID-19
Monthly Board Chats
  • Access to recordings and presentation materials.

Level 2:

Assessment & Training

Annual Fee: $1750 Per Board


Includes Level 1 Webinar Training plus the following:

Board Assessment/Mini-Audit
  • Vision and Strategy
  • Risk Management
  • Leadership Oversight and Development
  • Removing Obstacles
  • Providing Resources
  • Board Self-Management
Monthly Board Chats
  • Access to recordings and presentation materials.

Level 3:

Board Management System

Annual Fee: $3500


Includes Level 1 Webinar Training & Board Chats Resources plus the following:

Governance Guidance
  • 10 hours of board governance phone and email support annually
Board Management Software with 24/7 Technical Support
  • One sign-in experience
  • Manage board documents
  • Create board packets
  • Facilitation and automation of board processes
  • RSVP/Calendaring & Scheduling
Resource Library
  • Board Templates
  • Leader and board evaluation processes
  • Sample dashboards
  • Guiding board frameworks
Board Webinar Training
  • Board Webinar Series with participation tracking and authorizer reporting.
Pandemic Resources
  • In addition to our Pandemic Webinar Series, our Resource Library has numerous resources to assist your organization with working through this very challenging time.
Membership Benefits
  • In addition to the convenience of a one sign-in experience for all your board needs, your school will receive discounts on Peer Learning Communities, on-site training, and board assessment/mini-audit
Sample Policy Library
  • Access our sample policy library of over 250 sample policies. Use our policy checklist to help guide the process. (Please consult your school’s legal professional to ensure compliance for your organization.)