Ops Institute Case Study

Have you heard about the CharterSource Ops Institute? The following case study comes from a client that joined us in the first round of our Ops Institute. 

I was new to my role as Network Director of Operations and wanted to ensure that nothing slipped through the cracks. The Ops Institute was a great balance of technical sessions and networking. There were helpful sessions on utilizing data and concrete skill building.  The team of professional presenters provided valuable frameworks and helped me hone my decision-making skills in building systems. One thing I loved about this program was that it provided opportunities to apply what we were learning right in our sessions, surrounded by a group of people who had similar roles to mine. As a result of participating in the Ops Institute, I am able to prioritize my work in a structured way. Our team receives a constant influx of problems and ideas that I can tackle with greater impact, and I'm teaching my team to do the same. The greatest strengths of the Ops Institute are the capacity to build your own network of local operations professionals, the expert session leaders, and the comprehensive nature of the program. The Ops Institute is a great fit for school leaders needs at a variety of levels.

We hope you will join us for the Ops Institute launching May 17th! Register HERE. To schedule a demo of the Ops Institute, click HERE.



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